• Cindy Lee is my favorite psychic, She is personable, compassionate, and right on the money! I always enjoy our chats and her great advice has helped in many ways!!!
  • Rev. Cindy Lee is a 5 star psychic. She not only is extremely tuned in and can see exactly what’s going on, but she has the ability to do actual work to help you while you are in her chat room. She has smoothed out work relationships for me, they are no longer a constant burden to bear. She has given me a new lease on life, and I’m not as depressed about work now.
  • Cindy had unparalleled insight into my problems and was able to pick up on the real issue right away… Rev. Cindy is amazing!!!
  • Whether at a group event or in a private setting, Cindy Lee has always made me feel as if I am the only one in the room. Her presence is calm and reassuring. I wish I could take her in to my board meetings. I call Cindy before meetings to check on the influence I will have and get reinforcement from her. A phenomenal person to have on your team!
  • Cindy Lee always makes me feel as if she removes my stress during a reading. She has an ‘in-charge’ feel as if she commands the energy in my body to do what she wants it to do. Thank you Cindy for another fabulous time together.
  • Thank you, Rev Cindy Lee for giving me techniques to use in my crisis. I shared with my daughter (age 9) and it worked for her, too. You were recommended highly, and I am grateful we connected, I can’t say Thank you enough.